Vacations and Mental Health

Vacations and Mental Health

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Did you know that your physical and mental health are closely related? Think about it: when you’re sad, you feel tired, but when you spend an increasing amount of time running, you feel more and more confident. This isn’t a coincidence, nor should it be ignored. Vacations work in a similar way: instead of simply elevating your self-esteem, travel and vacations help you to be better inside and out.

Visiting new places and changing up routines has been proven to enhance your critical thinking skills and even has a positive impact on your ability to empathize with other people. This makes sense, if you think about it: traveling outside of your comfort zone gives you the opportunity to hear all kinds of different stories, and all history teaches us to be aware of how things of the past have created the present day. Even confronting unpleasant truths helps us to better understand the world around us. The experience of immersing yourself in another culture, especially in another country, is the experience of growing. Even when your mental health isn’t perfect, your brain benefits from this cultural growth and new challenges. Ideally, you learn, adapt, and enjoy.

Vacations are also great for their core purpose, too: to get you away from your daily stresses. Over time, stress wears down on you, affecting your memory, mood, and energy. The sad part of work culture in the United States is that so few people have paid vacation time, and those of us who are fortunate enough to have this time will rarely use all of it. Many people feel guilty, or undeserving, of using the entirety of their vacation time, leading them to only take short trips. What’s worse is that these same individuals will often make themselves constantly available to work emails and meetings, further compromising their personal time.

Everyone has stress, too. Taking regular vacations gives you a consistent set of opportunities to recharge when your batteries run low from fulfilling obligations, doing well in your career, and making a better home for yourself and your loved ones. Taking a break lets your brain catch up to everything that you need to do, and re-energizes you to accomplish everything you know you can.

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While you’re contemplating the next trip you’ll take through Everything Vacations, remember that a simple change in scenery can have great benefits for your mental health. Fresh air and sunshine are two of the most important things people seek while on vacation. Sometimes, all you need is time spent in a place that belongs on the back of a postcard. Changing your scenery helps you to disconnect from the things that stress you out, and gives your brain something new to enjoy.

Booking with your next trip through Everything Vacations not only allows you to have the trip you deserve, but also provides an excellent remedy for mental health. Trying all kinds of new food and drink, seeing fun sites and relaxing alone or with loved ones make maintaining your mental health easy. Rest easy on your Everything Vacations. Book today!

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