Travel Packing Essentials: Cruises

Travel Packing Essentials: Cruises

Congratulations! You’re either on a cruise that you got through Everything Vacations, planning to go on a cruise, or considering it. Cruises are a fun and convenient way to see several sea-side cities and countries. You don’t have to know how to swim, but just like flying, you need to pay attention to staff instructions if there is a situation on your trip. Being safe means looking, listening, and being aware of your surroundings at all times. This is sound advice for anyone who’s traveling, but it’s especially important if you’re in a new place.

Being aware is the most important thing – but having fun is a close second! To get the most out of your cruise, get an idea of what you can do during the day at each stop. Set a realistic alarm for yourself and your travel companion (if you have one), and make sure that you dress for the occasion. If you’re not a seasoned traveler, you might want to take along some extra tissue paper, too – not all toilets will have toilet paper available.


Sunscreen is important to wear every day, even when the sun isn’t out. The sun’s rays can still go through clouds to hit your skin, causing premature aging and putting you at risk for skin cancer. Today, sunscreen comes in a huge variety of textures and consistencies, so you could easily find your perfect sunblock at your local drugstore. Applying sunscreen can save you a painful and exhausting sunburn. Take aloe vera get along with you, too, in case you forget your sunscreen.


Wearing protective clothing is just as important as wearing sunscreen while you’re on your Everything Vacation. Allowing as little sun as possible to touch your skin is saving your skin from harsh UV rays. Sunglasses, as much as you already know, protect your eyes far better than wearing a hat alone. The lenses on sunglasses are engineered to protect your natural lenses not only from the sun, but other damaging lights, and will definitely keep splashes of pool water from getting into your eyes.

Shower shoes

Cruise ships, like any other hotel, are frequented by thousands of people every year. While housekeeping keeps up with the cleanliness of each room, it never hurts to be cautious. Many people prefer to take along a pair of cheap thong sandals to walk around the room and in which to shower. This isn’t something that you must have, or you won’t be able to make the cruise, however; it’s a preference for many people. Plus, you’ll have a pair of shoes to slip on or off if you need to run an errand, and don’t need to leave the ship.

One cruise can give you years of great memories.


Depending on where you go, you may need your passport. A cruise to Puerto Rico won’t necessitate your passport, but Puerto Rico’s newly-opened neighbor, Cuba, will get you a stamp on a fresh page of your passport. Having your passport is important on your Everything Vacations cruise to another country, but what’s equally important is keeping your passport safe. Don’t carry your passport around with you; despite an understandable instinct to keep your ID on your person, the rules are different when you travel abroad. Taking your passport with you everywhere can actually put you in a position to lose it, or have it stolen, potentially stranding you in a foreign country. If you need to bring your passport, make sure that you leave it in your luggage, and lock your luggage when you leave your room.


Not everyone is prone to seasickness, but for those of us who are, Dramamine can be the difference between a great vacation, and days of stomach aches. There are other motion sickness drugs on the market, but Dramamine is the best-known. If alcohol is part of your Everything Vacation, try one of Dramamine’s new products, Dramamine Clinical Strength Ginger. With 1,000 milligrams of pure ginger extract, this supplement allows you to stay sane on the ocean, and give you a chance to enjoy your favorite cocktail.


When you’re going on any trip, make sure that you’ve got your shampoo of choice, your soap, deodorant, and other personal care items. Cruise ships have power outlets, so you can feel free to bring your styling tools and electronics. As mentioned above, bringing toilet paper with you when you leave the ship might serve you as you’re exploring a new place. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Comfortable clothing and a Few Decent Outfits

While you’ll probably spend most of your time lounging on the pool deck, or in your room, cruise ships offer all types of entertainment, and you’ll want to be prepared for that. If you’re not enjoying the shorts weather poolside or at the gym, you might want to treat yourself and your travel companion to some of the cruise ship’s fine dining. For this, you may want to bring one or two nice pairs of pants, and one or two nice tops and closed-toed casual shoes. You might start on a beach in the morning, and see a fantastic acrobatic show at night.

Swimwear and Goggles

Don’t forget that, while on your cruise, you’ll be surrounded by water! If you love to swim, make sure you’ve brought your swimsuit, goggles to protect your eyes, and your swim cap, if you have one. If you’re not one to jump in the water, you can still throw on your suit, and add a swimsuit cover, or your favorite t-shirt, and enjoy the splish-splash of your Everything Vacation.

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