Tips for Your Trip to Sonoma

Tips for Your Trip to Sonoma

Break out the picnic basket and stem glasses – you’re on your way to your Everything Vacation to Sonoma County. Whether you’re an aficionado, or just love to enjoy a nice red at the end of the day, Sonoma County has the drinks, food, and fun you’ll need for a great getaway. 

Sonoma is located in Northern California, right next door to the world-famous Napa Valley. Much like Napa Valley, Sonoma County is a premier destination for fun vacations with friends, a perfect romantic escape, or even an ideal backdrop for a wedding that will leave you breathless. Honeymooners, vacationers, friends and family fall in love with Sonoma county every year, and it’s not unusual for those who love the valley to return time and time again. 

When you’re getting ready for your wine-filled Everything Vacation, you want to make sure that you have everything in order so that you can enjoy your trip. 

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Book a Tour

Even experienced wine enthusiasts enjoy trying different wines, and learning as much as they can about the wines. Taking a tour through wine country is not only rewarding because of the delicious wine. Sonoma itself is a feast for the eyes. You should absolutely plan to visit several wineries, and count the spectacular views as part of the offerings. 


Reserve a Car and Driver

We can’t stress this to you enough: we want you to be able to enjoy Everything Vacations for years to come, so please make sure that you have a designated driver. A friend or family member could easily take on the responsibility, but having your entire party in on the fun is definitely the goal. Sonoma offers a variety of services that can take you and your party through the area, and wait while you get your wine on. Book a driver before you lift your glass and you’ll be square on your Everything Vacation to Sonoma County. 

Is this relaxing, or what?


Get a Hotel Deal

The downside to going through a company that uses people’s personal residences as accomodations is that you can never be sure of what you’ll get. Everything Vacations will only offer four- and five-star accommodations with our hand-picked hotel partners at a price that everyone can celebrate. Choosing a hotel over a private residence means that you can focus on enjoying your vacation, instead of what the property owner will think of the mess you’ve left behind. This means more wine, and less whine while you’re on a mission to relax and be at ease. With packages starting at just $299, and memberships starting at $29 per month, you’ve got plenty of options that fit your budget, and your (wine) taste. 


Pack for Warm Weather

Through October, it’s warm and cozy in Sonoma County. Fall is a fun time of year, too – not only do the beautiful fall colors delight, but you’ll be able to catch a couple of wineries in their glorious harvests! See the start of the process as vineyards turn mountains of grapes into bottles of wine. There is even a winery that will take you to sample the grapes before they’re processed into wine. Shorts and comfortable shoes are what most people choose for their wine country adventures, but some enjoy making a classy event of it, pulling out dresses and slacks.


Get Ready for Souvenir Glasses

Many, if not most, wineries offer a tasting package that includes a signature glass from the winery. Your glass will always have the name of the winery at which you had your tasting, but some places add their insignia, or other special touches to make their gifts to customers stand out. You might want to bring a tough carry-on with plenty of cushioning to protect your souvenir on the flight home. 

Views come standard

Take it Easy

When going from spot to spot on your Everything Vacation to Sonoma County, take your time sipping wine. Drinking too much could make for a difficult ride to your next winery, or more importantly, cause you to miss dinner! Save yourself the discomfort by taking in all of the flavors of your wine slowly. Savor every drop of your Everything Vacation and every memory that you make. 


Sonoma has More to Love

When in Sonoma, you’ll have your fill of wine, but what else is there to do? Grab your boots if you go for hiking, or if fishing is your game. Need ultimate relaxation? There are so many great spas, you’ll have a hard time choosing one. Don’t forget about horseback riding, bicycling, ATVing, and competing with friends for Best Wine Country Selfie. Contact us today to get the most out of Sonoma County. 

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  • I can’t believe these wildfires recently in California! This one is in Sonama County in Kincade CA from what I read. Times like this make me really glad I’m not a CA firefighter…

  • We can arrange for a personal driver to pick you up at the airport and deliver you to your Sonoma vacation rental. Or use our personal driver to tour the beautiful countryside and enjoy a day of wine tasting. We want to make your Sonoma vacation experience with The Wine Stay comfortable and easy.

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