The Importance of Girls’ Trips

The Importance of Girls’ Trips

Remember how 2017 was made better with the hilarious and heartwarming film, Girls’ Trip? The movie centers around four best friends from college who meet up for a fun weekend at the Essence Festival in New Orleans. What stood out most about the film, besides the excellent performances, was the strength of the characters’ friendship. The love of friends can never be taken for granted, and the movie is a reminder to us all of the importance of maintaining these connections with a combination of communication and travel – and some shenanigans.

A girls’ trip is like a week of nights out with the girls!

As life goes on, and you get married, and become a parent, friendships might take a backseat, even when it comes to people you’ve known for most or all of your life. Your friends, though, should still be there for you: whether you call them in the middle of the night because you’re frustrated with work, or whether you need to know which bar to hit. We all hope we won’t need to call in the middle of the night, but your listening-ear, bar-hopping friends make excellent travel companions. Who better to share a fun and relaxing week than someone who knows you, laughs with you, and had been there for you when you’ve really needed – you guessed it – a vacation.

Traveling with your girls is one of the best ways to unwind. Your girls, of course, will be there for your birthdays, your bachelorette parties, and to support your wildest professional dreams. Where should you have your girls’ trip? It depends! If your crew is a rugged, outdoor-type clique, you’ll have plenty of places to hike and enjoy the fruits of mother nature in places like Arizona and New Hampshire through Everything Vacations. If you and your girls are the type that love the flashing lights and booming bass, you’ll find that Las Vegas, one of our favorite destinations, is a perfect fit. But don’t think that you can’t relax in Las Vegas, too – Sin City is a well-known golf-and-spa destination, and you could easily spend your days lounging in a warm, quiet place with a fluffy robe.

Never miss a girls’ trip with Everything Vacations!

I always encourage my wife (and will encourage any daughters that I have in the future) to vacation with her girlfriends. The importance of girls’ trips isn’t just relaxing and laughing, though that’s why many people think they go. The real benefit of traveling with your girlfriends is celebrating and honoring the bond that you share with the women you’ve spent time knowing, and all of the growing that you’ve done together. Everything Vacations is a perfect start for planning your next girls’ trip, and we love helping you have the time of your life!

Girls’ trips are the perfect reminder to your group that you’re friends, sisters, and on the same side of the race you run everyday. Everything Vacation is the place you go for your favorite silliness, great stories, and awesome memories. Book today and get ready to add a new and exciting Facebook album, but make sure that you can actually tag everyone from that Saturday night.

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